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Mona’s Monday, Eggtooth Originals Studios

Back by popular demand (or at least one of Mona's fans requested a return of her posts)! Mona is stepping back into her Eggtooth Originals spokesperson role.  It will be her job to stay up on … [Read more...]

Unique, artisan-made, native wood fine furniture from Northern California’s Klamath mountains

  One of a kind solid wood fine furniture pieces like this "Trillium table" available directly from craftsman Jack West, co-owner of Eggtooth Originals.  This fine piece is still available … [Read more...]

Mona’s Monday: New Beach Stone Ring

Now that Mona is a regular, ol'dog, she gets to run and play and find joy in rolling in "pungent" things.  That's why she loves the beach so much. Her forays to her favorite beach in Trinidad, … [Read more...]

Eggtooth invited to Bellevue WA 6th Street Fair!

We found out yesterday that we have been invited to participate in this years 6th Street Fair in Bellevue, WA.  This highly rated art and craft show occurs at the same time as two other festivals in … [Read more...]

New Furniture Design makes Debut at Palo Alto Art Festival

Check out a two minute videoof my newest side table design.  This one of a kind piece features spalted maple "live edge" top, spalted maple aprons, and spalted maple bent laminated stretchers instead … [Read more...]

Mona’s Monday – The Tangled Web

Here we are working our way through February.  Mostly we are focusing on show applications for the upcoming show season, building new and exciting special pieces, filling internet orders, and spending … [Read more...]

Mona’s Monday Celebrate Poppy Pods 2-6-12

    This week we look forward to a bit more of winter, but the weather here has also made us think of spring.  Still too cold for much of anything to sprout or grow we know that spring is … [Read more...]

Mona’s Monday at Eggtooth – Ponderosa Pine

  Mona loves weekends because she goes for long walks in the mountains by our place.  Yes, weekdays she also goes for a couple walks a day, but not like the four mile hikes on weekends. We walk … [Read more...]

Eggtooth Furniture Friday

I decided to enter a post now and then about the woodworking part of Eggtooth Originals, so here goes. This winter I am fortunate to be working on a commission of a three piece bedroom set.  The … [Read more...]

Eggtooth Mona’s monday – winter arrives

Even though the photo doesn't show it, winter has finally arrived here in the Klamath Mountains.  Sunday brought us a snowy day here, but accumulation only amounted to less than half a foot.  The good … [Read more...]

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